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In the summer of 1984, Jaguar Tennis Academy started as a dream. At the time, I was teaching at Halandri Tennis Club in Athens, Greece. A couple of members who enjoyed my teaching methodology approached me to set up a tennis academy of my own. I was very excited!


However, I was in a special situation, my family and I applied for political asylum coming from communist Romania via Denmark, Sweden. We wanted to go to United States. My Mother, who was Armenian-Romanian, had family and friends  in the United States. All those relatives immigrated to United States during the 1960s and 1970s.


When I informed my family about the business proposal, my Mother said, "What?! We are going to United States!" That was it. I've had to put my dream on hold for the time being.


In October 1984, I landed in New York where most of the immigrants arrive when they come to United States. After 2 days, my family and I flew to Los Angeles where we were greeted by "familion" (Romanian for extended family). I immediately started to look for a job in the tennis business. However, it was very difficult to find a position since I was so new to the country.


Over the years, I have worked in many places tennis related or otherwise. In January of 2002 I was able to start a Tennis Academy of my own. It was called "HC Tennis" as a tribute to my parents: Hermina (my Mom's first name) and Constantin (my Dad's first name). I came across a group of wonderful Christian families (Briscoes, Hedricks, Kliers, Mathews, etc.) who adopted me as their Star Tennis Coach and friend.

In June 2009, I started my association with City of El Segundo, Department of Parks and Recreation as an independent contractor. I started organizing classes for the community, that were grouped into 4 sessions spread over a calendar year. Since tennis is not a seasonal sport, I decided to offer tennis classes year round, grouped into 9 sessions per year. Slowly, more and more people in the community began to participate in my program. Now, there are more children and adults playing tennis at the El Segundo Recreation Park. 

In September 2012, after some consultation with a close friend (Gary Stevens), I decided to change the name of my business from HC Tennis to Jaguar Tennis. Why Jaguar? Jaguar was my nickname in elementary school and high school. I was a fast runner and it is also an animal which personifies some key attributes needed to succeed in the business world: power, determination, fearlessness (as mentioned by another close friend Kelvin Garvanne). Finally, after some consideration with another close friend (Mikael Lovkvist), I finalized my business name to Jaguar Tennis Academy.

Over the years I developed a system, but I didn't reinvent the wheel. The system I created allows my students, young and old, to flourish and grow into what THEY WANT to achieve with this wonderful sport of tennis. Whether you want to play recreational, competitive, or aspire to make your career from tennis; the ultimate goal is to help you Play and Prepare for Life!

What some present/past tennis students say:  

I've been a student since about 2011 when I really started getting serious about tennis. I've taken the group classes, individual lessons and the group doubles play. There is something for all levels of players as well as stuff for kids. His teaching style makes it fun while also challenging you as a player. My game has improved steadily throughout the years. If this trend continues perhaps I will consider going pro...j/k. My son is a toddler but when he is old enough I will also sign him up for group lessons. Also everything is conveniently located at Recreation Park in El Segundo.

- George H. 

Jaguar Tennis Academy - will help your children learn tennis or raise their game to the next level. Coach Sergiu makes the lessons fun, exciting, while focusing on improving their skills. My sons have been playing tennis for many years and to this day they speak fondly of the tennis lessons taken with Coach Sergiu. Apart from tennis, they were taught to be determined, work hard and never give up.
Our family highly recommends Coach Sergiu Boerica and his tennis academy.

- Paula K.

Coach Sergiu has always been a pleasure as a coach and cares about tennis above all. He will give everybody the necessary attention to ensure that your tennis will improve.

- Jason C.

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